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Sunday, April 12, 2009

the definition of dysfunctional

Background: The gang and I recently decided to intermarry so we would all be related.

-"Lil'" or "Big" denotes someone's younger or older sibling.
- A plus sign (+) denotes marriage.
- A tilde (~) denotes a love child or clandestine couplehood.
- A hyphen (-) denotes siblings.
- A vertical line (/\) denotes the child-parent line.

Canadian + The Anime One__
Half Asian One + The Short Blond One - The Athletic One + The Israeli One - The Floor Eater + The Instrumental One
__________ /\___________________________/\____
__The One Who Eats Kitchens ______ The Veggie One - The Feline One___
_______Big Veggie One____________CurtisCurtis___Lil' Theater One
___The Jewfro One + The Shepherdess___/\____ TheaterKid/Madrigal + Irish Madrigal
_______________________________ /\___________________ /\ __
___________ Toddler One - Toddler Two - The Soft-Haired One__The Classy One
_______________________Lil' Athlete__


  1. hahahah statutory rape

  2. it amuses me that you've actually managed to tag two separate posts with "interfaith marriages." that is quite a feat.

  3. tucker. help me.

    explain this ALL.

    I assume I'm toddler one but...who's everyone else??



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